Medical Dermatology

DeLuke Dermatology offers a full range of medical dermatology services in Buffalo, NY, using some of the most advanced technologies and protocols in the industry. If you are suffering from any type of serious skin condition or are worried about a lesion or rash, you need to see a dermatologist immediately for an evaluation. We will perform a comprehensive analysis of the skin and diagnose any underlying causes that may be triggering symptoms.

Our medical dermatology services include:

  • Skin Screenings and Analysis
  • Skin Cancer Removal
  • Acne Treatments
  • Psoriasis Treatment
  • Eczema Treatment
  • Rashes Treatment
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Skin Screenings

    When was your last skin cancer screening? Skin cancer is the most common and deadly form of cancer in the United States. Early detection is key to protecting your skin so you need to come in for a skin screening at least once a year. If you are concerned about lesions, bumps, or lumps, make an appointment for a skin cancer screening at DeLuke Dermatology as soon as possible.

    We look for the following types of skin cancer during a skin screening:

    • Basal cell carcinoma (BCC)
    • Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)
    • Actinic keratosis (AK)
    • Melanoma

    Learn more about skin screenings

    Skin Cancer Removal

    Taking steps to prevent skin cancer is always a high priority since the majority of diagnosed skin cancers are the result of ultraviolet radiation from sun exposure. If you are noticing significant changes in your skin, you need to see us for a skin cancer screening. Early detection can help us proceed with a treatment that will prevent the cancer from spreading. We offer the following types of skin cancer removal services at our practice:

    • Prescription medications to stimulate the immune system
    • Curettage and desiccation
    • Surgical excision
    • Cryosurgery

    If we detect melanoma, we will need to perform a biopsy for a formal diagnosis. We may need to remove up to 3 cm of healthy tissue around the tumor and the lymph nodes, in more severe cases. Since this is the deadliest type of skin cancer, immediate treatment is necessary.

    Treatment options include:

    • Surgical removal
    • Radiation therapy
    • Chemotherapy


    Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. If you have moderate to severe acne, you may develop unsightly scars and pigmented patches of skin as the skin purges and heals. Clogged pores and bumps under the skin can cause inflammation of the skin and redness. Proper diagnosis helps with effective acne treatment. Fortunately, we offer several powerful acne treatment options to help clear up your skin.

    Acne treatment options include:

    • Topical medication
    • Antibiotics
    • Accutane
    • Spironolactone
    • Forever Young BBL™ (for acne scars)
    • Halo™ hybrid fractional resurfacing (for acne scars)
    Learn more about treatment for Acne


    If your immune system is compromised or you have other health issues that are affecting the health of your skin, you may develop psoriasis. This condition is identified by red patches of skin and white, flaky, scaly skin that develops on the elbows, knees, scalp, and lower back. Other forms of psoriasis may cause blisters and other lesions in areas such as the armpits or around the buttocks. Psoriasis is a genetic disease and can be triggered by environmental factors, diet, or medication.

    Treatment options for psoriasis include:

    • OTC medications
    • Prescription-strength topical medications
    • Oral prescription medication
    • Injectable Biologics
    • Laser or light therapy


    Dry, itchy, and red skin triggered by inflammation can be very uncomfortable and cause visible changes to the skin. Eczema is caused by a breakdown of the natural skin barrier and might be triggered by a poor immune system, allergic reactions, stress, or bacterial infections. In some cases, eczema is genetic.

    Treatment options for eczema include:

    • Oral medications
    • OTC topical steroid creams and lotions
    • Prescription-strength creams and lotions
    • Moisturizers
    • Light therapy series


    You might develop a rash as an allergic reaction to something you have come into contact with or from changes in weather or climate. These are identified as small bumps, blisters, or patches of on the skin and are relatively easy to treat with topical anti-itch lotion and moisturizers.

    Hair Loss

    We all lose hair as we age but some women may notice their hair thinning in certain places while men notice bald spots. Hair loss can be the result of an inflammatory condition, thyroid disease, a poor diet, or even stress. We have prescription medications and surgical treatment options for hair restoration.

    Whether you’re suffering from acne or are concerned about skin cancer, we are here to help. Call DeLuke Dermatology today for your appointment

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