At DeLuke Dermatology we have many options for treating rosacea. With rosacea you can have acne-like bumps on the face, broken blood vessels, flushing and/or persistent redness.


  • Topical prescription medications
  • Antibiotics by mouth
  • Laser treatment

Frequently asked questions

What makes rosacea worse? 

Alcohol, warm beverages (coffee!), sun exposure, spicy food, stress and hot or cold temperatures. Not everyone has the same trigger. DeLuke Dermatology can help identify what your individual trigger is.

Is rosacea caused by mites on the skin?

Demodex mites are thought to possibly contribute to rosacea. Demodex mites are normally found on the skin but are found in a greater number in patients suffering from rosacea. At DeLuke Dermatology we can evaluate if you need this and prescribe a medication that treats the mites.

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